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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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. >> you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. breaking news in oakland four people have been shot all within a couple blocks of one another. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers is there. chris christin. >> that's correct we have a massive scene out here along sixth street. a long scene. you can see multiple cruisers. this area encompassing about six blocks where we're being told shootings happened and multiple people involved in the shootings. multiple victims from what we're hearing right now. four people shot. one person according to authorities is in critical condition at this moment. we don't know the conditions of the other four currently. and information just coming in at this moment. i talked to a couple neighbors in this area that heard the gunfire a short time ago before we arrived on scene. they described hearing maybe a dozen shots and coming out and
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seeing people laying in the street. we're hearing four victim so far in this east oakland neighborhoods. a very large presence in east oakland. no word on whether authorities have been able to track down the shooters. christin ayers cbs 5. >> a bay area handyman held hostage beaten and forced to make repairs. we're not kidding. it started at a home in morgan hill. it ended at a san jose gas station. >> reporter: detectives say this was the scene of death threats kidnapping and home repair. >> they beat him up and said fix this. >> he was assaulted. threatened with his life. >> investigators say monday morning a handyman was lured into the 4600 square foot home. complete with pool, beach volley ball and tennis court.
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jason. beat the handyman and made him fix the dishwasher a broken door and several other odd jobs. >> the victim was terrified what. he did tell investigators that he was just trying to do as he was told. wait for the opportunity where he could escape. >> by night fall all three got into the victim's truck on their way to the suspect's mother's house again for more repairs. they pulled over at a gas station. the suspects went in to pay for gas and snacks and told the victim to stay put. he escaped and police arrested the suspects as they pulled out. >> they don't seem like the brightest suspects. >> you know it's kind of unknown what was going through their head. why they did what they did and what were they planning to do. >> can i talk to you about what happened yesterday. >> as the for the motive the handyman had done work for his
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mother two months ago. >> the work wasn't done to the liking and there was a dispute over services rendered. that kind of boiled over into what occurred last night. >> the victim told investigators that it appears as though his captors were nervously pacing about not quite sure what they had got themselves into. they're here at the county jail facing felony charges including kidnapping, assault, and conspiracy. starting tonight you can help find a cook in your spare time all while sitting in front of your computer. cbs 5 reporter elizabeth cook shows us it's all ready working. >> before today folks at home had to wait to see surveillance video crimes on the local news. now the sfpd wants the public to become crime fighters by using a new feature on their website. >> take a look at this.
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surveillance video of a violent robbery on polk street in the tenderloin. >> he approaches the victim and begins to stun him with a stun gun. >> the guy goes on to shock the victim multiple times. he even shoved him up against a fence and shocked him one last time before taking his cell phone. >> ever been robbed? >> we showed a picture of the suspect to leon medley. >> i've seen this guy around the neighborhood. it's not like he's not known. >> he lives near the crime scene and says the suspect is a regular around the neighborhood. >> i see him once or twice a week in front of my house. >> we've had a total of 1700 cell phone robberies. >> the kind of reaction sfpd is hoping for with the line up. showing surveillance video from cold cases along with descriptions of the crime and the suspect. and a list of social media links and contacts to call if you have any information. >> that the public can
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basically reach out to us through social media in helping us identify who the suspect is. >> officer carlos says the idea for the sight started after they released this picture of a man vandalizing a bus. the night of the giants world series win. >> there were a loft people who basically provided us a lot of feedback. the willingness to want to help us apprehend these criminals. >> if i saw this and saw the guy i could call police and let them know i saw the guy i would most definitely do it. >> sfpd is calling this community policing at its very best. they're hoping to update the website every week with new videos. everything from petty crimes to serious felonies. elizabeth cook cbs 5. >> developing news in san francisco. police are trying to figure out who shot and killed a man in his 20s tonight. he was found near grove and
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buchanan streets in the western edition. he was shot in the stomach and leg and died at the hospital an hour later. >> a suspect with a violent past is under arrest tonight for attacking a young woman with autism. oakland police say 36-year-old garry atkinson faces kidnapping rape. and the victim a girl with the mind of a six-year-old. >> this is one of the most sickening cases that someone as mr.atkinson can take advantage of someone of this stature. >> police say atkinson met her and forced her to his home in san francisco. she was found on a bus two days later. you saw it. the rain is back. it just started to come down
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across part of the bay area. looking at downtown san francisco. chief meteorologist paul deanno with what we can expect. >> a rough commute tomorrow morning and afternoon as well. cbs 5 high def doppler tracking the rain. enough to show things down. mill valley south of san francisco. richmond. am riville. berkeley getting showers and heavier showers as you head north towards santa rosa. your commute tomorrow will be wet. showers from north bay down to morgan hill. details on how long the rain will stick around. your entire workweek forecast coming up in a few minutes. if the mayan calendar doesn't get us we're due to fall of the fiscal cliff. tonight each side insists the other party's plan is impossible. they're dismissing the president's proposal. democrats complain the gop plan is way too vague.
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the president won't sign anything that doesn't increase taxes for the wealthy. the gop counter offer calls for raising 800 billion in revenue without raising tax rates. >> if washington can't reach a deal cbs reporter jim axle rod says your paycheck is going to feel it. >> the payroll tax cut has given this family an extra $70 a month to spend. >> are you paying attention to what's going on in washington right now. >> of course we are. >> their 50,000-dollar a year income puts them in the middle of american households if the payroll tax cut is not extended those families would pay an average of $1,035 a year more in social security taxes. >> do you have room to cut back. >> no, sir i don't. i guess if i do some type of magic like we do every month. >> if the tax cut expires paycheck contributions will go from 4.2 percent to 6.2
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percent. $115billion a year that will go to deficit reduction instead of being pumped into the economy. those in favor of allowing the tax cut to expire argue money for social security payments has to come from somewhere. although he says that somewhere will mean doing without some of the basics. >> it might be a pair of sneakers. it might be the jacket they want to go to school with in the winter. >> the debate in washington is not about the federal budget it's about his family's. jim axle rod cbs news west new york new jersey. >> where in the world is john macafy. why he high tailed it to a luxury resort to try and clear his name. plans to build a little dog park turned into an epic fight in one bay area city.
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ended up pulling out bags of marijuana plants, along with some sophisticated cultivatn equipment. no word on any arrests.. or, what started e fire. (new1) there's a drone war being wd in alameda county. the sheriff's office says it nes one of the pint-sized spy- planes, for public safety purposes. but cbs-5's ann notarangelo tells us: critis worry big brother might jusp on board. needs one of those pint sized spy planes for public safety purposes. critics worry the big brother might just hop on board. >> reporter: alameda county sheriff's department wants a camera equipped drone and searching search warrants in high risk areas where deputies are concerned about high risk suspects. >> where we could look into the area prior to serving the search warrant. >> privacy advocates are worried the uses could expand. >> they may use it for
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surveillance on ordinary americans. >> some believe the sheriff isn't being completely honest. >> documents showed that his true plan is to use a drone for survey spying. >> although they agreed to wait until a hearing to decide the issue it suddenly ended up on the county board of supervisors agenda for approval. it was a clerical error and the item was pulled. as for how it's going to be used. the sheriff admits it's still a gray area. >> there are no hard and fast rules. current the faa hasn't issued their final rules on using these. >> it's not just privacy advocates that are cautious. there's a bill in sacramento that would establish regulations on drones to protect privacy. a call to have enforceable safeguards in place.
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>> what guarantees can you give them. >> it's a matter of trust. and i know there are some individuals that don't trust government. who don't trust law enforcement. and i don't know how we can ever convince them. >> the public protection committee is expected to hold a committee on the drone issue in january. if the committee approves it it will go to the board of officials for final approval. >> john mcafee has a new tactic to evade police in balize. he wants asylum in guatemala. the software tycoon surfaced in guatemala today. he fled balize where he's wanted for murder. mcafee says he hired guatemala's former attorney general to petition the country's government to allow him to stay. in oakland city hall hundreds of people are lined up in the city council chambers to way in on a battle that's been brewing for a while now.
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cbs 5 reporter christin ayers shows us it has to do with people and their pets. >> reporter: in dog years it's a lifetime. 14 years since neighbors have been well, dog fighting over this small stretch of grass along lake merit. >> i call it a pitch fork battle. it's very contentious. >> nowhere are dogs allowed to run off leash. some people want to turn this into a dog park. >> he and his son who learned to play soccer here aren't among them. >> i can't believe people would prioritize the needs of their pets over the needs of oakland's children and families. >> there's going to be dogs and kids won't play here. >> opponents say it's a good idea but a bad location. on one side traffic and on the other a playground where children play day and night. >> this park won't displace the soccer users. >> dog owners showed up to the
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council meeting with signs prepare to speak now or forever hold their leash. >> that there will be plenty of room to participate in the sport experience have the dog park in the same place. >> this appeal is the last shot for the park to go to the dogs. in oakland christin ayers cbs 5. this was the scene on 101 yesterday about 30 miles north of ukia. the saturated ground gave way and uproot add big redwood in the area. >> that's crazy. that was our storm. it kept going north didn't it. >> yes they got about a foot of rainfall. that's the result. that's kind of scary. move that truck quickly. we're going to move this weather thankfully out of here soon. by this time tomorrow we'll have the rainfall out of here for you for a long period of
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time. here's the peak outside right now. live radar. live high definition doppler is picking up showers. here we go with the radar showing you showers out there. let's show you what's happening. we have rain right now for the great ersan francisco area moving across the golden gate and across the bay into concord, lafayette, oakland, and richmond, emeryville, mill valley all getting rain right now. drops on the rooftop looking back toward the financial district. santa rosa currently 54. with the cloud cover we'll have lows in the 50s. livermore 50. redwood city 51. mountain view 52. here's why we're looking at rain and not another storm. the atmosphere there's not enough watt her in the atmosphere compared to last
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time. just strong enough to kick the storm track. we'll get a near miss. we're going have rain tomorrow. but it won't be that wash out that we had three times over the previous six days. then high pressure builds closer to us. that will give us a chilly weather pattern. but a dry one. a lot of sunshine but temperatures running around 60 degrees for the high. tomorrow on and off rainfall. several straight dry days after that. if you're sick of the rain after tomorrow you get a break. a prolonged break. highs tomorrow low 60s. 61 for concord. santa clara, 63. low 60s with rain in san francisco. here comes the drive starting thursday. friday through the weekend all the way through next week sunshine, chilly, with highs around 60. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you won't take my life.
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and aids... ♪ aids is going to lose. aids is going to lose. ♪ accomplishing something no r . >> one california ballerina is making history. accomplishing something no other american woman ever has. >> christine takes us backstage. >> for me, my life is not the same without ballet.
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>> santa monica native's life's goal was accomplished this summer she was accepted into the world famous ballet in russia. the 18-year-old practices eight to 10 hours a day in moscow. six days a week through sickness even broken bones. >> it's company of incredible dancers who they worked through worse. they were still dancing during world war ii. >> she was given special permission to come back to perform in this weekend's nutcracker her mentor and former teacher at the west side school of ballet asked her to dance at the sugar plum fairy as she lay dying of cancer this summer. >> for me it was important as a last gift and as a thank you to her for everything that she's done. >> and for womak, performing gives her a gift as well. >> the feeling when the orchestra plays and the curtain
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rises and the three or four minutes we're on stage. nothing can touch you. it's just you and the audience. >> when she returns to russia, she's going today to, debut as a soloist in a performance. >> we'll be right back. ,,,,,, well, well, well.
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people have been shot. aboun hour ago, officers found . >> we have breaking news in oakland tonight where four people have been shot. about an hour ago. police officers found a 50-year- old man shot outside a liquor store on east 18th street. police believe that he was a by stand her in the shooting. you're looking at live pictures right now. officers also found three additional victims a few blocks away. police say it appears they were targeted. the victims are all at highland hospital right now in very serious condition. i want to check this with denis right now who has a little sports. the giants two best players were marco and began. the world series hero gets a three year contract for 20 million. that's a lot for a guy that's
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going to be 40 years old when the deal is done. gudaro was stolen from colorado for minor league second baseman charlie. got to be one of the best deals in brian sabian's career. grady allen was a line backer. dennis allen left to be with his father. allen will be there to coach his team on thursday. >> it's tough any time you lose a member of your family. coach allen's dad is a part of the raider nation family. it will be good to get him back around here. get his spirits up and things like that and go out there and get that win for him on thursday. >> san francisco bringing the st. johns red storm taking on
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u.s.f. 17, 16. u.s.f led by 15 but the red storm stormed back. gets the lead down to five. u.s.f hasn't lost against the opener in stanford. they won't lose tonight. 81, 65. they are five and one. usually it's jim harbaugh involved in a testy handshake. his brother stars in top five. john tried to shake hands with mike tomlin. tomlin blew him off. harbaugh said hey, i said congratulations. lebron james had a triple double but the heat were beat by the wizards. the wizards win for the second time this year. they role 80 to 38. let's go back to the hill top. mark slams an alley-oop from cody doolan. that's the number two play. number one, andre johnson the
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texans receiver took youngsters from the texas child protective services to toys r us and let them run wild. the unconfirmed total is $19,500. >> isn't that great. >> a great young man. >> that's a lot of barbies. that's going to give you a lot of barbies. that's a sportsman. >> well that's the story we like to see more of. sometimes guys get on the wrong side of the sports page. that's a good one. >> encouraging to others. we'll be back. ,, [ singing christmas carols in background ] aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition, honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions
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our next newscast is tomorrw morning at 4-30. . >> we'll see you. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight...


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